Muslim pilgrims perform Umrah as part of their non-compulsory religious duties as part of their religion. The country of Saudi Arabia is located in the Arabian Peninsula. In order to participate in this pilgrimage, unless you are a Kuwaiti, Omani, or Bahraini citizen, you will need a visa.

Umrah from India

When compared to Hajj, which is a compulsory pilgrimage, Umrah can be completed in a few hours instead of a few weeks. As outlined below, there are several steps that must be taken in order to obtain an Umrah visa.

There are five types of visas that can be used to perform umrah:

In order to complete this pilgrimage, pilgrims visit Mecca in Saudi Arabia and perform a series of religious rituals at the end of their journey. As mentioned above, this trip is open to all Muslims throughout the world, regardless of where they live.

Umrah Visa

As a result, if you are an Indian citizen interested in participating in this event as well as visiting Saudi Arabia, you are welcome to do so. For entry into the country, Umrah visas are required in order to perform the ritual.

Visa makes it easy for you to apply online for an Umrah Visa in a few minutes. Once you have received it, you will be able to download it through your email and you can use it at airports and borders to enter Saudi Arabia.

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